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Go Green

We are using daily lots of papers and other materials that manufactured from woods and other natural resources, we mostly throw and west it after its usage. For any industry like manufacturers, medical, shippingVariyaSoft with Go Green service provider uses lots of papers and it goes in dust bin after its usage. This makes simply wastage of natural resources. According to one serve, 36 per cent carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions come from the manufacturer industry.

Now manufacturer industry also begin smarter the way what they are producing the products. Designing of any product is now not limited on paper. The software developers are not just developing the software for Website Development Tools but there is wide range of software helps to reduce the use of natural resources. As there are many software and tools available to help, they are being inhabit to save paper indirectly and saving time and money. Thus they are helping to Go Green. 

Move from Routine Use

Most of industries early use only paper to show their demo, work status and design of the products, but after invention of such good software, they are now moving with online demo. They are now reducing the use of CDs, Printers and being in habit of electronic media resource. Now, Online Demo is most powerful way to show you work report and other information. This importantly saves your time and money. This provides flexibility to view the work from remote area and so saves time now a days but also money. If we take example of AutoCAD, Designer Software, allows designers to use human property rather than natural property. For designer, it provides the speed of development put them in habit to have such thing in routine use. This allows you to make the changes in the same document and so we don’t need to be recreating the changes in new paper file. So this is but obvious thing that it cut down the costing somehow and so this is fact thing that it saves your time and money. 

Electronic Statements

Now, most of the banks, other industries use the Online Solution. Now as the website is important part for business. You don’t need to have bank statement, check, demand draft and other routine use through paper. Electronic media provides online transfer of amount from one bank to another bank. This is also best of use electronic media to save paper and reduce the natural resources by omitting the use of paper.


Now many industries use recycled papers and minimizing the packing of products to reduce the use of natural products.

What we are doing?

At VariyaSoft, we proud to announce, we are 100% Paper Free Office. We do not use any paper in the office to design any Software Architecture, Salary Check, or even a Resume of the Employee. We always ask to provide only soft copy of the resume. Get branding with VariyaSoft for Go Green.