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Cancellation Refund and Delivery Policy

VariyaSoft believes in helping its customer as much as possible and so it has important and considerable cancellation policy. We are as a merchant provides service that comes in form of electronic files. And so it is not any physical product to be returned.

The payment done at VariyaSoft is used for the development process of the project, services and consulting work that you hired at VariyaSoft. VariyaSoft has complete authority to have rights for deciding the refund is applicable for your project or not.

Refund Policy

  • It may not be possible to refund the amount if the project is in development/designing or analysis process once you have done payment at VariyaSoft.
  • If your project is cancelled by us due to certain reason and breaching the condition and contract with terms and condition on your part, you will not be eligible for refund.
  • By telephonic request, online messenger with developer, designer or any resource allocate to your project -  does not considered as refund to you.

Cancellation Policy

  • VariyaSoft take care own way for cancellation policy for website development and software development service.
  • All cancellation requests for project development must be submitted to our account department at VariyaSoft.
  • You may submit cancellation request by email to our Account Department.
  • We will not consider any cancellation request until and unless we don’t receive any confirmation from our account and development department.
  • Source Code, Design files or any other material related to project will not be delivered if payment is not settled/completed by you at VariyaSoft.

Delivery Policy

We are in Software Development and Designing industry which is Service Business. These items are not physical items, so there is no chance to misplacement of any items and/or files. We deliver items in form of design files, software library, developed code files or may be compiled files. So, only way to deliverables is possible by collaborative tools on your server or your desired place. If you lost your copy in future, we are not responsible for it. Once we deliver a copy/setup on your server, we go for normal testing for assurance. If you got any issue in future after deliver and more than 10 days has been passed, as per our policy, we are not responsible for it. We may charge as per the issue raised and time to be invested behind the solution. We can re-deliver the copy after only complete authentication process gets completed and may be chargeable if it has passed more than 10 days of delivery date.

What We Deliver

  • Website Development Files/Compiled Files
  • Supporting Library and Files
  • Any images/files on the delivery may be unlicenced, so it is not our responsiblity to provide you licenced images/files, untill you do the seperate payment of such images/files.

When Delivery Possible

  • Any delivery is possible or doing it live at your desired place, after only 100% payment is done to VariyaSoft only.
  • Before that delivery is not possible.