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Business Model

At VariyaSoft we understand that every project initiates with a business objective. Our web development and web design solutions offers great value for money. We offer specific business model that suits the need of our client base across the globe. True cost estimation of web development or designing solution depends on the depth of client’s vision for the solution. More you are clear about your requirements better the solution can be developed for you. Uncertainty of project scope and complexity are primary factors for estimating the project cost.

At times client doesn’t have very clear idea about what is exactly required. However, some functionality is discovered in the middle of development process that can transform the product into the next mature level.

Fix Cost and Fix Scope web business development

We offer this business model to those clients who have clear idea about the scope of the project. With the fixed cost business model you can fix your budget with specific results. Based on requirement specifications we discuss the project scope in detail. Our experts analyze the project scope and complexity involved to estimate the timeline. In the next phase we bound the scope and document it along with the deadline specification. Project plan document provides complete milestone with specification of each task, its functionality, timeline and required material.

Time and Material base web development

This business model is suitable for the clients who have broad or uncertain scope for the project or it is difficult to estimate the required development efforts. At times complex business logic depends on third party tools and requires more development efforts. This model offers more flexibility because there is a room for changing requirement as the project progresses.

Dedicated Developer Service

The service is very powerful where you want exclusive developer only for your projects. Our Dedicated Developer Service provides you online communication and powerful managemnet for the project which enables you to low budget investment and get experienced developer exclusivly for your project.

Marketing Consultant

The model is design for individual person or small company who want to grow and having projects but then dont have enough staff or simply want to outsource their work to other company. You can outsource your work, lead and enquiry to our company. we will work as your backend and will update you as per the agreement. Depending of the nature of the project, either you will be in touch with client or we will discuss on behalf you.

We offer you to move with us either commission base or fixed cost based project development. We can offer you two way costing for any of your project.

  1. Commission Base Costing
    • We can set commission for eavery project that you allocate to us. And we can pay you according to commission and agreement.
  2. Fixed Cost
    • We will setup the cost including your percentage.
    • Indirect costing offers you to set your costing your way. We will inform you about our costing and you will quote directly to client with your costing.

Sales and Support

Our main aim is to provide a quality solution and maintain the long term relationshop with you. We provide training, understanding document and helpful information that how to maintain the website and information for your live business website.

At VariyaSoft we believe in living up to your trust by balancing risk, quality and time.