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iPhone and iPad app building will be easier on iOS 8

Posted by VariyaSoft on 09-09-2014 in iPhone/iPad/iPod

Building iPhone and iPad apps will be made significantly less cumbersome with today's rollout of the iOS 8 mobile operating system, according to software developers.

Sean Reilly, director of software development house The Infinite Kind, told Techworld that Apple currently makes it difficult for developers to test beta apps.

He went as far as to describe the current beta testing process as "atrocious" because it only allows developers to trial their apps on a relatively small number of devices.

"Thankfully, Apple has promised that the process will be much easier when distributing apps for iOS 8," said Reilly.

Specifically, Apple is set to move from allowing developers to test a beta app on 100 devices per year to being able to test beta apps across 1,000 user IDs.

"Normally, most people who help test iOS apps have more than one iOS device," explained Reilly. "That cuts down the average number of testers to about 50 per year (assuming each person has two devices). What made it worse was that many testers would get new devices throughout the year, using up further device allocations."

The move means thats developers will no longer need to "gather, register, and fuss" with device IDs when distributing beta apps, according to Reilly.

Commenting on the current situation, Reilly added: "It's really a huge hassle that doesn't exist on other platforms. It's by far the biggest issue. I've never met an iOS developer that didn't complain about this aspect of their work."

Once developers are happy with the beta version of their iOS apps they must then send it to Apple to get it reviewed and approved.


With Reference: InfoWorld