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Why Living easier with Your Mobile Apps

Posted by VariyaSoft on 10-10-2014 in iPhone/iPad/iPod

Mobile Apps – creates amazing virtual relationship with any person indeed provides creative relationship with knowledge of the area. People can be live with others in the same industry or other industry. The person who is really in need of any service or products like medical, fire safety, new houses,...

iPhone and iPad app building will be easier on iOS 8

Posted by VariyaSoft on 09-09-2014 in iPhone/iPad/iPod

Building iPhone and iPad apps will be made significantly less cumbersome with today's rollout of the iOS 8 mobile operating system, according to software developers.

Sean Reilly, director of software development house The Infinite Kind, told Techworld that Apple currently makes it difficult for developers to test beta apps.

He went as...

Amazon slashes Fire Phone

Posted by VariyaSoft on 09-09-2014 in News

The Fire Phone features a 3-D display, which uses infrared lights and cameras mounted on the phone's surface to track a user's head movements and render images accordingly. Amazon's smartphone includes unlimited photo storage on the company's Cloud Drive. And the Fire Phone's "Firefly" feature uses the camera to recognize...

Android L

Posted by VariyaSoft on 14-08-2014 in Android

Android L is an upcoming release of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google. Unveiled on 25 June 2014, and released in a beta the next day for selected Google Nexus devices, it is expected to be released in late 2014.

The most prominent changes to L include a redesigned...

15th August Independence Day India

Posted by VariyaSoft on 14-08-2014 in News

Independence Day, observed annually on 15 August, is a National Holiday in India commemorating the nation's independence from Kingdom of Great Britain [Commonly known as United Kingdom] on 15 August 1947. India attained independence following an Independence Movement noted for largely nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience led by the Indian...

World’s Seventh Payment Gateway 'RuPay' by India

Posted by VariyaSoft on 09-05-2014 in General

As you all internet guys know that India is constantly providing excellent human resource in IT industry, India has now added one more important feature by providing World’s Seventh Payment Gateway – “RuPay”.

It is created by National Payment Corporation of India. This will limit the...

Whats new in Android 4.4 KitKat?

Posted by VariyaSoft on 01-12-2013 in Android

The newer Version Android 4.4 is called KitKat that brings new innovation, more beautiful apps and features. It is designed for faster and smooth ever before. KitKat streamlines every major component to reduce memory use and introduces new APIs and tools to help you create innovative, responsive, memory-efficient applications.


More employees does not mean genuine growth

Posted by VariyaSoft on 31-07-2013 in General

There are lots of companies in market having 20 to 50000+ employees. They provide excellent service and that number is good enough to impress the customer. There is no question that they are poor at service but such number shows they want to earn good number of revenue in terms...

Why Mobile Commerce or better to say mCommerce

Posted by VariyaSoft on 20-01-2013 in Ecommerce

Mobile Commerce - mCommerceWhy Mobile Commerce - mCommerce Apps on Mobile. Early, a few years ago, nobody knows that mobile can turn Web life what we have now a days. We used mobile only for making and receiving call and ...

VariyaSoft wishes everyone Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!

Posted by VariyaSoft on 31-12-2012 in General

Happy New Year – the most vital day for world having fun and enjoyment.

We wish you everyone Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!


New Wordpess 3.5 Release

Posted by VariyaSoft on 19-10-2012 in Open Source CMS

World's most popular CMS - Wordpress has released new version of Wordpress 3.5 beta 2 with enhanced features. Earlier version of Wordpress 3.4 having Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes but in newer version there are new features to enhance your website. Its incredible development team...

Custom Open Source CMS

Posted by VariyaSoft on 18-10-2012 in Open Source CMS

There are lots of web based software for CMS but though sometime customer wants own customized Open Source CMS – Content Management System. Such CMS are great to save time and money but at certain level all this makes problem due to their certain level of limitation...

2nd October - Mahatma Gandhi

Posted by VariyaSoft on 02-10-2012 in General

2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi birth Date who was preeminent leader and freedom fighter for India. His original name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born in Bania community in costal Gujarat, studied for Law in London. He lead India for protesting salt tax known as Dandi March...

New Arrival Of iPhone 5 With Great Features With More Incredible Fun

Posted by VariyaSoft on 25-09-2012 in iPhone/iPad/iPod

Apple launched new mobile device as iPhone 5 which comes up with great features and eye catching look on 12th September, 2012 with wide range of storage capacity having 16GB, 32GB and 64GB with iOS 6. It slim body with high resolution camera attracts users with ultrafast wireless internet...

Payment Methods For Accepting The Online Payment

Posted by VariyaSoft on 17-09-2012 in General

VariyaSoft deals with Live Payment Gateway Integration. Live payment gateway allows customer to make payment with their credit cards, bank and other methods. Every payment gateway is associated with their banks and related branches to make online transfer of your money. It keeps complete record of your...

Festival of Lord Ganesha

Posted by VariyaSoft on 15-09-2012 in Events

Lord Ganesh – always taken a very first name when you start a new business, pray to gods and any other good work. He is also known as many other names like Ganpati, Vinayaka, Pillaiyar, Vighnesha etc.

Ganesha is clearly recognizable from 4th and 5th century during...

Why Zend Framework beneficial for Web Development and Portals

Posted by VariyaSoft on 11-09-2012 in PHP Web Development

There are many frameworks which enables you to reduce the development cost by providing its flexible library and ready functions. Zend Frame work is similar for PHP based Website Development through which we can serve you best Website Development services for eCommerce Solution, Portal ...

Gujarat CM - Narendra Modi on Google+ Hangout - Best Example of Social Media Power

Posted by VariyaSoft on 04-09-2012 in General

Social media – a powerful platform to increase community in different manners like entertainment, videos, online chatting, discussion forums and different industries. Recently a very popular event occurred by Narendra Modi – a Chief Minister of Gujarat, BJP. He used the technology and power...

VariyaSoft on Youtube - Social Network

Posted by VariyaSoft on 29-08-2012 in News

Social Networking is powerful media as we said to get business. We have creative designer and marketing guys ready to publish your information on famous social networking sites. We have released video as presentation.

Take a look on below link for more detail.



SEO Services – Brings Business for You

Posted by VariyaSoft on 28-08-2012 in SEO Services

SEOSearch Engine Optimization technology that promotes your business online and shows your presence in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is important if you have site and ready to business, SEO boosts your website to appear in search engine where visitors ...

eCommerce Store with Social Marketing

Posted by VariyaSoft on 27-08-2012 in Ecommerce

Importance of Social Network for Marketing

If you have something to sell whether its product or service – what do you think first?

How to sell for good result of your products and services? How to generate more traffic and get more and more visibility of your products?...

Wordpress Development

Posted by VariyaSoft on 22-08-2012 in Open Source CMS

Wordpress – started in 2003, a great and easiest solution ever than before for managing and creating website with unlimited number open source plugins. Its simple methodology like doing more with fewer efforts makes it unique. Now many sites are turning into Wordpress with great designs and features to...

Android Development and Customization

Posted by VariyaSoft on 21-08-2012 in Android

Android – a mobile development framework SDK presents complete set of library by Google. It is world’s most popular mobile platform with it we can run all Android based application. It is already having 600,000 apps and games on Google Market – now Google Play. With wide...

Why outsource to India at VariyaSoft is right choice?

Posted by VariyaSoft on 20-08-2012 in Offshore Outsourcing

India is one the popular Country with its excellent environment, man power with knowledge and for creative idea. For business grow, it is essential to have perfect resource and India as growing population, provides great educated and trustable resources. India is worldwide IT hub or better...

Magento Development India

Posted by VariyaSoft on 17-08-2012 in PHP Web Development

Magento is now identity of online eCommerce solution due to its great features. Magento is having unique features and built in Zend Framework - MVC structure, its security is stronger than others. Up to this web was having only one store on...

PHP Web Development India

Posted by VariyaSoft on 17-08-2012 in PHP Web Development

PHP - a big opinion of Website Development without compromising of security and web leading server side open source scripting language. Its great flexibility is open source where user can update content without any developer or designer.

It’s most common scripting language to create different website application...

Best Reason to have Mobile Website

Posted by VariyaSoft on 16-08-2012 in Website Designing

Website is most important media to publish your service and products information free to get effective business. Through internet people can access your service/product information. But, how many of them having internet at home or office, how many you consider that people visits your site using only internet?

As per latest...

VariyaSoft Mobile Site Development

Posted by VariyaSoft on 16-08-2012 in News

Mobile is very handy tool to surf internet, get updates of news, products, services and friend discussion using social netoworking site. Many giant company now turn their website for mobile users to get more customers and traffic. With compare of Desktop Website, Mobile users are very much giant who uses...

Independence Day 2012

Posted by VariyaSoft on 14-08-2012 in Events

India got freedom from British Rule on 15th August, 1947 – celebrated as Independence Day of India. With rich glow and holy tributes are attended for freedom fighters for their sacrifices and fought for their motherland. On this distinctive occurrence whole India hosts flags and place cultural programs. The main...

Janmastmi - Shri Kirshna Birth

Posted by VariyaSoft on 09-08-2012 in Events

Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebrates the birthday of Lord Krishna and is observed on the eighth day of the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month as per traditional calendar followed in North India.

It is day of prayer and bhajans (religious songs). Holy mantras are read out. People visit the temple and offer...

Rakshabandhan at VariyaSoft

Posted by VariyaSoft on 01-08-2012 in Events

Rakshabandhan - the festival of sister and brother. Its second festival after Shravan purnima's know as Raksha Bandhan an ancient tradition. A battle between Indra king of gods and demons was feeling depressed. At that time Indra's wife Sachi took a thread, charged it with sacred verses or Mantras for...

VariyaSoft Blog

Posted by VariyaSoft on 23-07-2012 in General

As we are website development, designing, SEO and Mobile Application Development Company located in India, we encourage you to have website exploring your services and product information by interactive design and marketing using SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Our expertise on different applications makes us stronger to serve better to...